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The title Grünewald is a tip of the hat to Berlin's Grunewald forest, home of the German Expressionist Brücke Museum, where the concepts for this collection first came together. Seasoned viewers of Switzer's paintings will see themes familiar from previous works. However, here in the Grünewald series, we get a…

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From The Underground


Loosely based on Dostoevsky's 1864 novella 'Notes From The Underground', Wherein the narrator's solitary ruminations and attempts to unravel the fabric of societal tradition proves only to unravel himself. Similarly, 'From The Underground' is an outsider's attempt to deconstruct what's seemingly ordinary and preordained, with focus…

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In 1921 Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach developed a diagnostic test that uses ambiguous inkblot patterns to detect aberrant responses in his patients. These seemingly random, symmetrical designs, he maintained, helped to reveal schizophrenia and personality disorders. Inspired by Rorschach's inkblots, 'Rijnland' is…

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Geurrillas In The Mist

Geurillas In The Mist

Initially inspired by the Arab Spring and later drawing from the wider phenomenon of revolution as a whole - Guerrillas in the Mist - takes a look at political and social unrest from both an exterior and interior perspective. Several of the works contend with the chaotic and histrionic elements of a revolt. Likening it to an aggressive ballet, these works focus on the physical act…

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